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Bruiser Bow-Kill From Macon County

This 10-pointer was already after a doe on October 14.

Leevi Alyea, of Lyons, shot a once-in-a-lifetime deer on the morning of Saturday, Oct. 14 on his stepdad’s private property in Macon County. His giant buck weighed 236 pounds and green-scored 153 1/8 inches. The bruiser was Leevi’s first buck ever with a bow.

The week before Leevi killed his buck, his stepdad got a picture of the deer, but it was around 5 in the morning.

Leevi had a ladder stand set up in a swamp bottom overlooking a few white oak trees. He didn’t see very many acorns on the ground that morning, but when daybreak rolled around, the squirrels came alive and were jumping from tree to tree knocking acorns down.

“It sounded like it was raining,” said Leevi.

Leevi got in the stand and was getting settled when he heard something. He looked to his left and a doe came out, urinated in a spot and then began feeding.

“I was taking a video of her to send to one of my buddies when I heard something else. Then I saw a buck come out, so I threw my phone in my pocket, not knowing if the video saved or anything like that,” said Leevi.

Thankfully, he got the phone back in his pocket and got his bow up in time. It was the monster buck his stepfather captured on trail camera. He walked up to where the doe urinated and had his head down for a good 15 to 20 seconds smelling this spot. He was in full rut with black tarsals and was following this doe pretty heavily.

“He took about three steps to the right, and I shot him at 25 yards. If he would have taken three steps in the opposite direction, I would’ve never had a shot at him,” said Leevi.

Once Leevi shot, the buck only ran 20 to 25 yards and fell. After he died, a small 4-point buck came out about four minutes later and was feeding around the downed buck.

“I can’t believe it. If anyone would’ve told me that I was going to kill a 150-inch buck (this season), I would’ve never believed them. It’s going to be a hard one to beat,” said Leevi.


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