170-Inch Buck Hit By Vehicle in Clay County

Road-kill will likely be county record.

It’s painful to see a giant buck KOed by a bumper, but giant antlers are always worth talking about.

Just before midnight on Nov. 4, a Clay County buck that grossed several inches more than the 170-inch Boone & Crockett minimum was hit by a vehicle in the George Bagby State Park area.

The main-frame typical 10-pointer was unofficially scored and had 174 inches of antler and netted 168 inches. Once officially scored after the 60-day drying period, GON will recognize the deer in its County-by-County rankings as a “Pick-up Rack.” Currently the top buck from Clay County scores 164 1/8.

The driver who hit the buck didn’t want the deer, but Maura Turner of Fort Gaines, who lives nearby, gladly took the giant. Clay County’s Booger Bottom Hunting Plantation is having it mounted for the lodge.


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