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1,000 Pounds Of Venison And Growing

In the first half of its second year under the new plan, the Sportsman's Pantry program has raced past the 1,000-lb. mark. Would you like to donate a deer?

Halfway through the deer season, sportsmen and processors are building on a good start to help mange their herds and share the bounty of the land with their community neighbors.

The total amount of donated deer changes every time a truck backs up to a cooler with a donation. But the pounds of venison already donated, processed and distributed has surpassed the 1,000-lb. mark with deer hanging in the coolers of the 14 processors who are participating in this program.

Coordinating the donations has been a real joy. The processors are feeling good about being able to provide such an important service to those who coordinate and manage the community programs to get good food to those who need it.

For instance, in Putnam County we got this e-mail.

Good afternoon, Steve.

The elections are over and Bob (Putnam Life Source) has some time before the November 17th food distribution. I was just wondering how we are coming with any venison for me to pick up?



Putnam County picked up 300 pounds of venison for Thanksgiving care packages in that county.

Meanwhile, down on the coast in Pooler we got this thank you.

Good Morning, Steve.

We picked the 64 lbs. of precious meat up yesterday. THANK YOU!


Loaves & Fishes

From Jackson Ga came this notice.

Hey Steve,

It’s Steve at Wildlife Deer Processing. I have 91 lbs of ground venison ready for pick up… Let me know if I need to contact Abundant Life Church. I have Jeremy Hosfords contact if I need to contact him directly. Thanks.

Since that time, Jeremy has received more than 146 pounds of venison from Wildlife Deer Processing and the Sportsman’s Panty. A food kitchen for a church-run ministry can do real important work with venison like that. As you can see from the message, the coordination between the sportsman, the processor and the community is close. It is in this way that sportsmen benefit so much.

Scotty’s Deer Barn has donated 400 pounds of venison to the community in Swainsboro. Mrs. Mae Goddard knew exactly what she needed to do with that venison, and she knew how important it was to the people she serves. “Thank you so much,” she told me. Mrs. Mae doesn’t hunt, but now she loves hunters.


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