By Dwight Jones | October 13, 2017

Hunter Survives 22-Foot Fall From Tree Stand

My birthdays qualify me as “middle age.” I’ve been fortunate to spend nearly 40 years doing my two

By Brad Gill | September 27, 2017

Georgia WRD Rolls Out Turkey Plan

Turkey hunters are a passionate bunch, especially in light of a number of years of poor hatches that

By Craig James | February 2, 2017

Top-3 WMAs For February Wild Hog Hunting

February is without a doubt a depressing month for hunters. Deer season is over, and turkey season still

By Jarrett Harrison | December 7, 2016

Wood Ducks Key For Georgia Waterfowlers

In his book, “Life Among the Apaches,” John C. Cremony describes an interesting method used by Apache hunters

By Chad Hutchens | January 3, 2017

Georgia Quail Hunting With Tunnel Hill’s Triple S

My uncle once said there was nothing better than watching a bird dog do what God intended it

By Brad Gill | September 1, 2017

Georgia’s Public Dove Fields

If rainfall totals are any indication, dove fields across the state should be stellar. “Based on what I’ve

By Daryl Kirby | July 11, 2017

GON’s 4th Annual Coyote Cull Results

For four summers now, GON has organized a Coyote Cull effort to provide an incentive for hunters and

By John Trussell | January 11, 2017

Let The Rabbit Dogs Run

As a young man growing up in North Carolina in the mid 1950s, Bill Bethune liked quail hunting,

By Hunter Galloway | November 6, 2016

Hunter Galloway Profiles Paulding Forest WMA

Paulding Forest WMA held their annual check-in adult/child deer hunt the weekend of Oct. 15-16. With me being

By Daryl Gay | December 2, 2016

Record-Class Bear From South Georgia

It had been a long summer for Leta Carter. The 30-year-old south Georgia mother of three from Folkston