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Hunter Turns Down Kansas Deer Hunt, Kills 195-Incher From Turner County, Georgia

Thomas Harrison had been hunting the big non-typical buck all season but finally pulled the trigger on Nov. 6

Thomas Harrison, of Callahan, Fla., took down a 16-point non-typical buck on Nov. 6 in Turner County.

“I’ve hunted this deer since the beginning of bow season. I’ve had pictures of him since August, but I’ve never physically seen the deer,” said Thomas.

Thomas said the deer would only show up in one little area.

“I had bought a cell phone game camera and put in the area, so I didn’t have to go in there and check the pictures,” Thomas said. “The opening morning of bow season, I went to go to the stand and got a text message, and I checked my text.  It was a picture of this deer in front of the stand, so I didn’t get to go in opening morning and hunt him.”

Thomas added that he had hunted him through bow and muzzleloader seasons but never laid his eyes on him.

“I took last week off and hunted all week, and on Sunday, he finally stepped out,” said Thomas.

The scores are not official, but Thomas green scored him at 192 3/8 gross.

“I dropped him off at Mike’s Taxidermy, and he scored him at 195 3/8,” said Thomas. “I know they get deductions, so it will go down.”

The buck is a main-frame 10-pointer with a bunch of abnormal points. It has an inside spread of 16 1/2 inches, and the longest tine was 12 1/2 inches.

Thomas was originally planning to go bowhunting in Kansas, but he chose not to go because he knew this deer would be bigger than one he would’ve killed in Kansas.

“He was rather unique,” said Thomas.

If you have a picture of a deer you killed, GON would like to see it. E-mail your picture and full caption info (name, hometown, county and details on the buck) to letters@gon.com.


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