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Georgia Turkey Hunting

By Donald Devereaux Jarrett | March 9, 2016

Marathon Turkeys

I have been fussed at by more than one or two clients over the years because of my…

By Brock Burley | March 3, 2016

Johnson County Gobbler Earns a Ph.D.

“Brock! Get up! It’s time to get ready,” said my dad. It was March 22, 2014, and I…

By Brad Gill | March 1, 2016

Introducing Georgia’s Game Check

Any person harvesting a Georgia gobbler this spring will have to take an extra step when the bird…

By Donald Devereaux Jarrett | February 9, 2016

Gobblers On Their Time

I’m not real sure when it happened, but somewhere along the way, early in my turkey hunting days,…

By Brad Gill | January 29, 2016

WMA Quota Turkey Hunt Deadline Is Feb. 15

Feb. 15 is the last day for hunters to apply for a 2016 WMA turkey quota hunt—both the…

By Jordan Davis | January 27, 2016

Bobby Bond Receives NWTF Award

The Georgia Department of Natural Resources’ Wildlife Resources Division biologist Bobby Bond recently received the honor of Wildlife…

By GON Staff | August 3, 2015

Wild In The Kitchen: Grilled Turkey Breast

Charcoal Grilled Turkey Breast Breast meat from one turkey 1 20-oz. Dr. Pepper 2/3 cup Moore’s Marinade 2/3…

By Ryan Schneider | May 27, 2015

A Hundred-Year-Old Trophy

I began to walk down the back stairs of my father’s house, anxious to get out of his…

By Brad Gill | April 15, 2015

WMA Turkey Hunter Finds Shotgun In Woods, Uses GON Forum To Find Owner

What a blessing it is when we get to report on a hunter doing the right thing. I’m…

By GON Staff | April 3, 2015

Wild In The Kitchen: Eddie Salter’s Turkey Salad

Eddie Salter’s Wild Turkey Salad Eddie Salter is known as “Turkey Man,” and he’s no stranger to eating…