Georgia Turkey Hunting

By Keith Byers | March 7, 2007

Morning Turkey Lessons for Afternoon Gobbler Decisions

If you pay attention to the information an uncooperative gobbler provides you each morning, you may be able

By Donald Devereaux Jarrett | March 1, 2007

Winning the Season Opener

I was feeling pretty confident as I stood beside my hunting partner Bobby Knight. It was opening day

By Jeff Williams | March 1, 2007

Turkey Hunting That Can’t Be Done

Opening day of turkey season is a date that every turkey hunter in Georgia looks forward to each

By Brad Gill | April 27, 2006

Gobblers Galore at River Creek!

Thirty minutes after fly-down time, and we hadn’t heard a gobble. This is crazy, I thought. Thomas Holcombe,…

By Brad Gill | April 26, 2006

Two Kids Hit The Turkey Woods

“That made the whole trip worth it right there,” Matt Howard announced climbing to his feet. Looking 10…

By Brad Gill | April 26, 2006

Rough Weather Gobblers

It has probably been eight years ago now — one of the more memorable turkey hunts I’ve ever…

By GON Staff | April 6, 2006

Hot in South Georgia; Spotty to Cold North

As always, it’s a mixed bag when you’re trying to gauge the statewide success from an opening day…

By Donald Devereaux Jarrett | April 1, 2006

The Right Call, For The Right Mood

Reading a gobbler’s mood and following it up with the right call can be a deadly combination this

By Keith Byers | March 22, 2006

Plan B Gobblers

I had been set up for 30 minutes. Now I was wondering if I had made the right

By Brad Bailey | March 1, 2000

Gobbler Hunt, Step by Step

Turkey hunting can be so easy. An hour into opening-day morning of the 1999 Georgia turkey season and