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Georgia Hog Hunting

By Brad Gill | March 1, 2009

Plenty Of Deer & Hogs On Texas SEEDS Dream Hunt

The 2007 SEEDS Big-Buck Contest winners, Matthew Price, of Ellabell, and David Roney, of Vienna, went archery hunting…

By Drew Hall | June 1, 2008

The War On Wild Hogs Using Military Tactics

It’s 0100 hours and pitch-black dark as my team and I await our target’s arrival. We’d been briefed…

By GON Staff | October 26, 2007

890-lb. Johnson County Pig is Humongous

There are pigs, then there are big pigs, and then there is another class called humongous. The pig…

By GON Staff | October 1, 2007

34 WMAs To Fill That Hog-Hunting Hunger

For most folks with Georgia’s Wildlife Resources Division (WRD), wild hogs are nothing more than a nuisance. They…

By Brad Bailey | January 10, 2007

1,100-lb. Feral Hog Shot

When a 9-foot-long, 1,100-lb. hog was killed in Fayette County it became a story that spread like wildfire

By Drew Hall | August 1, 2006

Go Hog Wild!

As the long, hot days of August roll in, we all look forward to those great tailgate parties….

By Brad Gill | April 27, 2006

Walking Miles To Find Chickasawhatchee WMA Hogs

When I first saw the black hog trotting between the palmettos, it was only about 30 yards away,…

By Brad Gill | April 27, 2006

GON Goes Hunting With Feral Hog Control Permit

• Saturday, June 11: When light hit the ground, I felt strange. Sitting a foot off the ground…

By Brad Gill | April 27, 2006

Bait, Traps And Dogs For Hog Control

“I hate hogs,” Ricky Crook said to me across the front seat of his pickup. If anybody hates…

By Brad Gill | March 22, 2006

Bait, Traps & Dogs For Sumter County Hogs

“I hate hogs,” Ricky Crook said to me across the front seat of his pickup. If anybody hates hogs, it’s