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Georgia Hog Hunting

By GON Staff | June 29, 2011

Hog Hunters Needed For Online Survey

Did you know feral hogs carry and spread several diseases that can cause serious illness or death? Are…

By Glen Solomon | January 3, 2011

Hogs… And The Tactics To Put ‘Em In a Hog Hearse

It’s late winter, and deer season is over. Turkey season is nearly three months away. What now? Want…

By Nick Carter | December 26, 2010

13-Year-Old Girl Drops 750-lb. Hog

At first glance, Kristen Sharpe, 13, of Uvalda, thought she was looking at a cow when she peeked

By Raines Newberry | November 26, 2010

700-Pound Bibb Co. Hog!

Saturday, Nov. 6 started out as a typical deer hunt and ended with the biggest kill of my…

By Brad Gill | November 23, 2010

A Dream Deer Hunt With Woods-N-Water

It truly was a dream trip for Grayson York, of Martin. The 10-year-old was the 2009 SEEDS Big-Buck…

By Justin Raines | December 1, 2009

Small Arms for Big Pigs on Mountain WMAs

Last fall, a rainstorm came that kept the pigs pinned to the same sorghum plot Jeff McCrackin had

By GON Staff | October 1, 2009

820-lb. Hog Killed in Meriwether County

It took a team effort for a group of Rocky Mount hunters to kill this 820-lb. Meriwether County

By Elizabeth Billips | August 15, 2009

Hog Attack!

It was his last cartridge and his last hope. The 192-lb. wild boar had already gored Dr. Joseph…

By Glen Solomon | July 29, 2009

A Summer Sausage Run For WMA Hogs

Warning: Reading these adventures could be hazardous to your health as it may cause you to slide on…

By Brad Gill | June 23, 2009

Winning The Hog Wars

Deer season had only been out 10 days. Many hunters were taking advantage of the two-month break between…