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Georgia Dove Hunting

By Brad Gill | September 7, 2017

Darden Dove Shoot Raises $6,000 For Youth Programs

Temperatures in the mid 80s provided for a comfortable dove opener for participants at the annual GONetwork SEEDS

By Brad Gill | September 1, 2017

Georgia’s Public Dove Fields

If rainfall totals are any indication, dove fields across the state should be stellar. “Based on what I’ve

By GON Staff | August 2, 2017

GON’s Pay Dove Shoots List

Sitting on a dove field in early September waiting on the first doves to fly in has a

By GON Staff | June 30, 2017

Free Dove-Shoot Listing In GON

We’ll be publishing our annual Pay Dove Shoots list in the August issue of GON. To be in

By Brad Gill | January 26, 2017

WRD Hunt Meetings Discuss Either-Sex Deer Days, Bears, Doves & WMAs

WRD hosted eight hunt-regulations meetings last month to discuss the 2017-2019 hunting regulations. Attendance ranged from 18 to

By Mike Bolton | January 3, 2017

Wild In The Kitchen: Banded Dove Bombs

Uncle Tom’s Banded Dove Bombs Oftentimes in wild game cooking, simplicity trumps complexity. This simple appetizer was in

By Mike Bolton | October 3, 2016

Wild In The Kitchen: Doves In Mushroom Gravy

Doves With Mushroom Gravy Dove meat is lean, thus it is almost impossible to make it tender and

By Randy McDuffie | October 3, 2016

Shotgunning Basics

In today’s shooting world, we have an overwhelming choice of guns, ammunition and accessories that are “best,” right? Maybe

By Savannah E'Dalgo | September 20, 2016

Man Falls Off Silo Trying To Retrieve Dove

On the opening afternoon of dove season, dedicated dove hunter Bobby Macris got himself into some trouble while trying

By Mike Bolton | September 3, 2016

Wild In The Kitchen: Jalapeno Dove Poppers

Jalapeno Dove Poppers Before you can cook a good dove dish, or any other wild game dish for