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Georgia Deer Hunting


By Duncan Dobie | May 28, 2014

Father-Son Dream Deer Season

Chris Metcalf is a long-time member of the 7,500-acre Harris County Sportsman’s Club, land that was part of…

By Brad Gill | May 3, 2014

Save A Fawn, Trap a Yote

I’ve never been trapping. In fact until recently I’ve never even put my hands on a trap. I’m…

By Joe S. Reams III | April 3, 2014

Native Plants For Better Summer Plots

Food plotting has come a long way in the last 10 years in the South and has evolved…

By Luke Roberts | November 26, 2013

Woods-N-Water Dream Hunt Magic

Editor’s Note: Luke Roberts, 16, of Martin, was the 2012 winner of GON’s Youth Big-Buck Contest. He collected…

By Mike Bolton | November 26, 2013

The Real Skinny On Shooting Cull Bucks

So, you’ve made managing your deer herd on your beloved piece of hunting property a priority. You read…

By Keith Murray | November 25, 2013

Hunting For The Cure Takes Eight Kids Deer Hunting

“The results have come back from the lab, and it is cancer.” Those are words no person ever…