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Georgia Deer Hunting


By Martin W. Duke | May 9, 2018

Coyotes And Deer, An Unwelcome Relationship

Even after 10 years of watching with morbid curiosity, I find myself still enthralled with the Discovery Channel’s

By Amber Roberts | March 27, 2018

Wilkinson Buck Grosses Near 180

Phil Mills, of Ivey, has an unbelievable deer hunting story that will likely put his name in GON‘s Fab

By GON Staff | February 7, 2018

VOTES: Good Deer Season, Baiting Law

Two pieces of data in last month’s GON Rate Your Season Survey suggest that Georgia deer hunting could

By GON Staff | February 4, 2018

Truth In Nature Deer Hunt In Paulding County

On Saturday, Nov. 4, one of the Truth in Nature kids had a special deer hunt awarded to

By Matt Housworth | February 2, 2018

Middle Georgia Doe Leaves Legacy

Normally on the last hunt of my deer season, I reflect back on the season and try to

By GON Staff | January 22, 2018

A Look Back At The Deer Baiting Debate

Before hunting deer over bait became legal in Georgia’s Southern Zone, it was the hottest deer hunting topic