Georgia Deer Hunting


By Brad Gill | November 16, 2017

Blind Hunter Shoots Deer

Brett Morrison, of Chatsworth, was hoping to simply put a little meat in the freezer on Saturday, Nov.

By Brad Gill | October 26, 2017

32-point Velvet Buck Killed In Wilkes County

It took multiple shots with a muzzleloader and a well-trained tracking dog, but a very tough Wilkes County

By Brad Gill | October 20, 2017

Early Rut For Georgia’s Gun Opener?

There’s been a flurry of added excitement as Georgians wait on Saturday’s firearms opener. We’re hearing an above-average

By GON Staff | October 19, 2017

Dial A Tracking Dog

Over the years, GON’s Dial A Tracking Dog list has helped thousands of Georgia hunters find their deer.

By Dwight Jones | October 13, 2017

Hunter Survives 22-Foot Fall From Tree Stand

My birthdays qualify me as “middle age.” I’ve been fortunate to spend nearly 40 years doing my two

By Duncan Dobie | October 13, 2017

The Story of Arthur Woody And His Deer

Arthur Woody was the most famous forest ranger ever to refuse to wear a uniform. Born in 1884

By Glen Solomon | October 9, 2017

GON’s Rut Map

GON’s annual Rut Map could be the most popular article that comes out every fall. Hunters plan way

By Daryl Kirby | October 2, 2017

Georgia’s Best Big-Buck Counties

After several years of declining scores, the latest number-crunching shows a significant improvement in big-buck production for most……

By Daryl Kirby | September 30, 2017

Reports From The Deer Woods

A tropical storm brought high winds, rain and knocked the power out for many Georgians for days, and

By Rick Pratt | September 25, 2017

Triple Drop Tine Buck

My partner and I have owned 460 acres in Crawford County on the Flint River since 1994. Our