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Georgia Squirrel Hunting

By Delton Lord | January 1, 2007

Laid-Back, Late-Season Squirrelin’

It was still early in the morning when my brother and I made our way to our favorite

By Brad Gill | April 27, 2006

November Is “The Cool Time” To Take A Kid WMA Squirrel Hunting

I felt a little guilty when I looked at my truck’s odometer to begin tracking my mileage for…

By Brad Bailey | April 26, 2006

Stalking For Squirrels

Just after daylight on December 14, Leonard Hampton and I were stalking squirrels on his Oglethorpe County hunting…

By Brad Bailey | April 6, 2005

Fox Squirrels

When it comes to squirrel hunting, fox squirrels are trophy-class. For most sportsmen, just seeing a fox squirrel…