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Georgia Rabbit Hunting

By Brad Gill | April 27, 2006

Go Hunting for Swamp Rabbits

We were 45 minutes into a steady, hot rabbit run. Thanks to a pack of well-trained beagles, this…

By Brad Gill | April 27, 2006

Living With Rabbit Dogs

Mike Thomas of Social Circle sold me a pair of sister beagles a few years ago. Oh boy,…

By Brad Gill | April 26, 2006

Rabbit Racin’ With A World Renowned Deer Doctor

There’s nothing I love more than the sweet music a pack of beagles make as they hammer down

By Brad Gill | April 6, 2006

They Call Him Daddy Rabbit

If this world were void of beagles, I believe Aubrey Holcombe would still be trying to find his…