Tarpon Caught By Hand

Catching a silver king by hand has become a popular tourist attraction in the Florida Keys.

A GON subscriber recently sent in an awesome video of what seems to be a popular event taking place in Islamorada, Fla.

Although this activity seems to just be a Florida thing, it has become a popular tourist attraction to take a trip to the Florida Keys to hand feed over the school of tarpon at Robbie’s.

Most of the time, the tarpon only grasp the baitfish from between your fingers, but it is not uncommon for the tarpon to latch onto a tourist’s hand.

Tourist pay $1 for admission to the dock, and then they will buy a bucket of baitfish for $3 to feed the many tarpon that frequent at the end of the dock.

Maybe we should all visit Robbie’s in our lifetime to experience this incredible phenomenon.

For more information on feeding tarpon, visit www.robbies.com/tarpon.htm


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