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Georgia Striper Fishing

Latest Striper Fishing Articles

By Brad Bailey | April 25, 2006

Carters Lake Planer-Board Winter Stripers

At mid-morning on November 16, Buddy Callihan and I motored halfway back into Worley Creek at the upper…

By Roy Kellett | April 7, 2006

Allatoona Lineside Frenzy

Like many Georgians, I have been fishing as long as I can remember. Heck, my grandfather was king…

By Don Baldwin | April 7, 2006

Be Flexible for Lanier Stripers

Lake Lanier, north of Atlanta, has long been known as a quality striper fishery. Stocking programs have been…

By Brad Bailey | April 7, 2006

Lake Lanier Sumertime Stripers on a Downline With Shane Watson

One of the best sounds of fishing is the sound of line being ripped off a reel by…

By Don Baldwin | April 7, 2006

Red Hot Summer Stripers on Lanier

It would be hard to find a prettier morning than the start of May 9 as Jerry Hester…

By Brad Bailey | April 3, 2006

Fast-As-You-Can Fishing for Hartwell Stripers

By my watch, we started fishing at 8:49 p.m. Darkness was settling in over Lake Hartwell, but some…

By Roy Kellett | May 1, 2005

Brawling Monster Carters Stripers And Hybrids

The small hand-held scale registered 24 pounds. The battle was over, and I had won… sort of. The

By Les Ager | March 19, 2005

Spring Break Fishing Trip

My itch to begin fishing usually begins with the first warm day in February. The temperature rises close

By GON Staff | March 1, 2002

Allatoona Striper Breaks Record

On February 15, Clint Hight of Adairsville set a new lake record for stripers on Lake Allatoona- his

By Brad Gill | May 11, 1996

Oconee Lake Record Striper

The lake record for striped bass at Oconee was set May 10, 1996 when an Eatonton angler boated