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Georgia Striper Fishing

Latest Striper Fishing Articles

By Brad Bailey | April 27, 2006

Stealth For Monster Nottely Stripers

“Tony, we are fixin’ to get hit, here.” said Randy, watching the arches on his graph. “ They…

By Brad Bailey | April 26, 2006

The April Bank Bite for Hartwell Linesides

I cast a Lil’ Fishy out onto the end of a narrow, rocky point in Coneross Creek on…

By Brad Bailey | April 26, 2006

Summer Linesides at Clarks Hill

“Get the net!” said Sarah Willard, who was hanging onto her rod as a hybrid bass flashed and…

By Brad Bailey | April 26, 2006

Lake Weiss’s Number One Summer Striper Hole

The bait-clicker on one of Mark Collins’ rods began to click in a slow steady rythym — “click,…

By Brad Bailey | April 25, 2006

You Can’t Turn Your Back On Hartwell Linesides

Lineside fishing guide Greg Beck snatched the rod from the rod holder and reared back to set the…

By Brad Bailey | April 25, 2006

Carters Lake Planer-Board Winter Stripers

At mid-morning on November 16, Buddy Callihan and I motored halfway back into Worley Creek at the upper…

By Roy Kellett | April 7, 2006

Allatoona Lineside Frenzy

Like many Georgians, I have been fishing as long as I can remember. Heck, my grandfather was king…

By Don Baldwin | April 7, 2006

Be Flexible for Lanier Stripers

Lake Lanier, north of Atlanta, has long been known as a quality striper fishery. Stocking programs have been…

By Brad Bailey | April 7, 2006

Lake Lanier Sumertime Stripers on a Downline With Shane Watson

One of the best sounds of fishing is the sound of line being ripped off a reel by…

By Don Baldwin | April 7, 2006

Red Hot Summer Stripers on Lanier

It would be hard to find a prettier morning than the start of May 9 as Jerry Hester…