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Georgia Hybrid Fishing

Latest Hybrid Fishing Articles

By Don Baldwin | April 7, 2006

May Hybrids on Lakes Oconee and Sinclair

They fight better than they eat… and they eat good! The hybrid bass has become one of the…

By Brad Gill | April 7, 2006

Lake Varner For Bass And Hybrid Combo

The sun was still below the eastern treeline as we chunked topwater lures in Newton County’s Lake Varner….

By Brad Bailey | April 3, 2006

Fast-As-You-Can Fishing for Hartwell Stripers

By my watch, we started fishing at 8:49 p.m. Darkness was settling in over Lake Hartwell, but some…

By Roy Kellett | May 1, 2005

Brawling Monster Carters Stripers And Hybrids

The small hand-held scale registered 24 pounds. The battle was over, and I had won… sort of. The

By Brad Gill | November 27, 1998

Sinclair Lake Record Hybrid Bass

David Phillips, of Milledgeville, caught this 10-lb., 7-oz. lake-record hybrid on Lake Sinclair on Nov. 27, 1998.

By Daryl Kirby | May 1, 1995

Lake Chatuge Hybrid Bass Sets Record

That Lake Chatuge could produce very large hybrid bass, a hatchery-created cross between striped bass and white bass,

By Brad Gill | December 22, 1992

Lanier Lake Record Hybrid Bass

Fred Duncan holds the current Lake Lanier hybrid bass record with a 12-lb. fish he caught on Dec.

By Brad Gill | April 16, 1992

Jackson Lake Record Hybrid Bass

Jack Anderson holds the current Lake Jackson hybrid bass record with a 15-lb., 2-oz. fish he caught on April

By Brad Gill | April 3, 1991

Oconee Lake Record Hybrid

Jan Allen Ward holds the current Lake Oconee hybrid bass record with a 14-lb., 4-oz. fish he caught

By Daryl Kirby | March 1, 1990

Lake Record Allatoona Hybrid

Last Wednesday I was sitting at my desk going over a project GON has been working on for