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By Brad Gill | March 27, 2017

Oconee Linesides At The Dam

As the big schools of Lake Oconee stripers and hybrids race to the dam this month in an

By Hunter Galloway | May 10, 2016

Extremely Rare Fish Caught From Lake Allatoona

David Ray, of Rydal, has been fishing Allatoona for 50 years and has never landed a fish like…

By Don Baldwin | July 31, 2013

Clarks Hill Stripers Finding A More Oxygen-Rich Thermocline

Summer is a great time for outdoor recreational activity, particularly if it has anything to do with water.

By Daryl Kirby | April 25, 2012

The State of Hybrids and Stripers

After reading this article, please take the time to download, print, fill out and mail or fax the…

By Roy Kellett | October 26, 2011

Pattern Travel Routes for Clarks Hill Linesides

Striper fishing on Clarks Hill can be a lot like another popular November pursuit… deer hunting. Want to

By Alvin Richardson | January 25, 2011

Spooning Up Hartwell Linesides

The chill of winter puts far too many anglers on the sidelines. Some of the biggest and most…

By GON Staff | June 1, 2009

Allen Gordon Lake Oconee Linesides 5-16-09

Allen Gordon fishes with Doug Nelms and John Saikas on Lake Oconee Ga for Hybrids and stripers.

By Joe DiPietro | June 1, 2009

West Point’s Downlake Lineside Bite

There’s no doubt that amongst the beautiful scenery of West Point Lake there’s a huge population of hungry,

By Brad Bailey | April 1, 2009

Oconee Buoy Line Linesides

“This is a pretty good fish,” said Lonnie, grinning and hanging on to a rod bowing sharply toward the

By Brad Bailey | April 1, 2009

Fighting With Oconee Stripers And Hybrids Down South

“This is a pretty good fish,” said Lonnie, grinning and hanging on to a rod bowing sharply toward…