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Lake Nottely Fishing Reports

Current Fishing Report

Lake Nottely Fishing Report August 2018

Nottely: Level: 1.2 feet above full pool. Temp: 85 degrees. Clarity: Clear. Stripers: Guide Jeremy Seabolt reports, “The fish are finally starting to school up. We have been fishing 30- to 70-foot deep humps off the river channel. We have been downlining herring once we find the school. You have to stay on top of them. They move fast, so keep an eye on your Lowrance. The u-rig bite has

Nottely Fishing Report Archives

Lake Nottely Fishing Report July 2018

Nottely: Level: 1.6 feet above full. Temp: 83 degrees. Clarity: Clear in the lake, stained in the river.

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Lake Nottely Fishing Report May 2018

Nottely: Level: 5 feet low. Temp: 57-61 degrees. Clarity: Clear on main lake, stained in backs of creeks.

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Lake Nottely Fishing Report April 2018

Nottely: Level: 10.3 feet low. Temp: 51 degrees. Clarity: Clear. Linesides: Guide Jeremy Seabolt reports, “We have been

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Lake Nottely Fishing Report March 2018

Nottley: Level: 12.1 feet low Temp: 54-62 degrees. Clarity: The creeks and the mid lake are stained. Stripers:

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Lake Nottely Fishing Report February 2018

Nottely: Level: 14.1 feet low. Temp: 38-43 degrees. Clarity: Creeks are stained, and the main lake is clear.

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