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By Savannah E'Dalgo | September 21, 2016

Giant Lake Oconee Blue Cat Smashes Old Record

A new blue catfish record on Lake Oconee was set on Sept. 16 by Wayne Tatum, of Tennille. The

By Jordan Davis | September 15, 2016

Oconee’s New Flathead Record Takes An Hour To Net

Sam Collis, of Eatonton, broke the flathead catfish record at Lake Oconee with an almost 50-pounder he reeled

By Savannah E'Dalgo | August 18, 2016

New Lake Lanier Flathead Catfish Record

A new flathead catfish record on Lake Lanier was set on Aug. 14. The catfish broke the previous standing

By Glen Solomon | July 3, 2016

Archery Paradise Found At Morgan Lake WMA

Pap! Up in the thick canopy of the late summer’s oak leaves, I could see the ol gray…

By Jordan Davis | June 3, 2016

80 Pound Altamaha River Flathead

For the past several years, Gary Harrell, of Douglas, has camped out six nights a week at the…

By Hunter Galloway | May 6, 2016

Clarks Hill Produces 71-Pound Flathead!

Blake White, 27, of Thomson, has been fishing his whole life and picked up limb lining when he…

By Hunter Galloway | May 3, 2016

Sinclair Blue Cat Record Smashed

Lake Sinclair has proven again that the middle Georgia reservoir on the Oconee River is home to some giant catfish….

By Jordan Davis | April 19, 2016

Giant Flathead Breaks Lake Jackson Record

A night of catfishing from the bank turned into a record-setting experience for a Lake Jackson angler. Donald…

By Hunter Galloway | April 5, 2016

Two Giant Sinclair Catfish Caught and Released

Catfish grow big, and Georgia’s lakes sure seem to hold good numbers of these giants of the murky…

By Jordan Davis | March 9, 2016

GON Recognizes New Record For Jackson Blue Cat

David Stacy, of Covington, recently stayed up all night just to catch the fish of a lifetime on…