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Georgia Catfish Fishing

Latest Catfish Fishing Articles

By Brad Gill | March 16, 2017

Boy Catches 50 Pound Oconee Flathead

Ten-year-old Tucker Waits, of Social Circle, put a 50.3-lb. Lake Oconee flathead catfish in the boat after a five-minute

By Savannah E'Dalgo | February 10, 2017

Record Allatoona Blue Catfish

After having no luck catching bait the morning of Feb. 2 and having to use bait that had been

By Craig James | December 10, 2016

The Catfish King Of Woodbine

Every now and then, a legend is born. On a cool day in November of 1958 when Michael

By Savannah E'Dalgo | September 21, 2016

Giant Lake Oconee Blue Cat Smashes Old Record

A new blue catfish record on Lake Oconee was set on Sept. 16 by Wayne Tatum, of Tennille. The

By Jordan Davis | September 15, 2016

Oconee’s New Flathead Record Takes An Hour To Net

Sam Collis, of Eatonton, broke the flathead catfish record at Lake Oconee with an almost 50-pounder he reeled

By Savannah E'Dalgo | August 18, 2016

New Lake Lanier Flathead Catfish Record

A new flathead catfish record on Lake Lanier was set on Aug. 14. The catfish broke the previous standing

By Glen Solomon | July 3, 2016

Archery Paradise Found At Morgan Lake WMA

Pap! Up in the thick canopy of the late summer’s oak leaves, I could see the ol gray…

By Jordan Davis | June 3, 2016

80 Pound Altamaha River Flathead

For the past several years, Gary Harrell, of Douglas, has camped out six nights a week at the…

By Hunter Galloway | May 6, 2016

Clarks Hill Produces 71-Pound Flathead!

Blake White, 27, of Thomson, has been fishing his whole life and picked up limb lining when he…

By Hunter Galloway | May 3, 2016

Sinclair Blue Cat Record Smashed

Lake Sinclair has proven again that the middle Georgia reservoir on the Oconee River is home to some giant catfish….