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Georgia Bass Fishing

Latest Bass Fishing Articles

By Ronnie Garrison | October 7, 2016

Chase Bait For Fall Bass On Hartwell

Die-hard bass fishermen hope most folks are enjoying watching football and hunting deer—that just means fewer boats on

By Mike Bolton | August 3, 2016

Wild in the Kitchen: Greek-Style Baked Striped Bass

Greek-Style Baked Striped Bass If you are looking for a change from frying and grilling fish, this recipe

By Ronnie Garrison | July 3, 2016

Shallow Summer Bass On Weiss

It’s too hot to go fishing in July, and the bass are sluggish and don’t bite anyway, right?…

By Glen Solomon | July 3, 2016

Archery Paradise Found At Morgan Lake WMA

Pap! Up in the thick canopy of the late summer’s oak leaves, I could see the ol gray…

By John Trussell | June 15, 2016

A Bucket List Trip For Flint River Shoal Bass

The scenery would almost make you think that you were in the north Georgia mountains fishing for trout….

By Tyler H. Jones | June 12, 2016

West Point Lake Stocked With Largemouth

There are some new fish in West Point Lake—41,264 to be exact. The DNR on May 12 stocked…

By Ronnie Garrison | June 7, 2016

Eufaula Bass From Bream Beds To Ledges

All spring we have enjoyed catching bass in shallow water, but June has anglers thinking deep on many…

By Ronnie Garrison | May 25, 2016

Russell Bass Move To Summer Hotspots

If you want to catch a lot of bass on a beautiful lake with a natural shoreline and…

By Jordan Davis | May 19, 2016

Bremen Team Wins Final B.A.S.S. Nation Qualifier On Sinclair

  Bass-tournament partners Jake Andrew and Jace Garrett, from Bremen High School, recently brought home their first tournament…

By John Trussell | May 12, 2016

Toby Bass With Houston Co. High-Schoolers

There’s an old saying, usually attributed to Confucius, which goes something like, “Give a man a fish and…