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Georgia Bass Fishing

Latest Bass Fishing Articles

By Jay Chambless | March 22, 2006

Chasing West Point’s Transition Bass

“I want to reschedule,” Rob Boswell said. Being a fisherman myself, I felt his pain. It’s tough enough to

By Roy Kellett | March 22, 2006

Cranking, Jerking and Spinning Lanier Bass

Wouldn’t it be nice if the weather was always great when we planned to go fishing? Most times

By Brad Gill | March 22, 2006

Cutting Edge Bass Management

The anticipation was high as my Pointer Minnow hit the water. “You’re just past it,” Scott Robinson hollered

By Roy Kellett | March 8, 2006

Finesse Cranking For Blue Ridge Smallmouth

What is faster than a speeding bullet, more powerful than a locomotive, and is able to leap several

By Ronnie Garrison | March 7, 2006

Hawg Time on Eufaula

March is a fantastic month for bass fishing in Georgia. The water is warming, bass are moving into

By Ronnie Garrison | February 7, 2006

Lake Burton Crowned King for Bruiser Spots

In February 2005, Lake Burton produced a new Georgia state-record spotted bass, a fat 8-lb., 2-oz. fish. Burton is……

By Brad Bailey | February 7, 2006

February Bass in the Clarks Hill Ditches

Keep it simple. That’s Joe Ludwig’s approach when it comes to a winning strategy for bass fishing on

By Roy Kellett | February 6, 2006

Golden’s Rules for Varner Bass

I remember the planning meeting when the GON editorial staff was sitting around a table deciding which lakes

By Don Baldwin | February 5, 2006

Three-Bait Plan For Cold-Water Bass on Bartletts Ferry

It is the dead of winter. Water temperatures are below 50 degrees, and the weather fronts are coming

By Roy Kellett | January 2, 2006

Allatoona’s Shallow January Spotted Bass

The day on Lake Allatoona was perfectly suited for duck hunting. A storm had dumped two inches of