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By Don Baldwin | April 7, 2006

Jigging Spoons and Crankbaits for Stone Mountain Bass

Stone Mountain Park, east of Atlanta, is Georgia’s most visited tourist attraction. More than 4 million people pass…

By Don Baldwin | April 7, 2006

Lake Nottely’s Mountain Magic… Topwater Style

The smash of a healthy largemouth bass attacking a topwater bait is one of those things that avid…

By Don Baldwin | April 7, 2006

Juliette Fall Bassin’…According To Murphy

From a planning point of view everything had been going just fine. The assignment seemed to be straightforward…

By Brad Bailey | April 6, 2006

The Late Show For Lake Burton Bass

The Zara Spook on Johnny’s line zig-zagged back toward the boat in a tight “V” pattern across the…

By Roy Kellett | April 2, 2006

April Bass At Rocky Mountain PFA

Only minutes before, Steve Marchant had his first bite of the day, but the bass shook loose Steve’s

By Kevin Dallmier | April 1, 2006

Following the Bass Spawn At Lake Weiss

The hardwood ridges of north Alabama were still brown, but the Bradford pears blooming around valley homes were

By Ronnie Garrison | April 1, 2006

Oconee Bass Are Shallow and Feeding. Time for… Power-Fishing Fun

Here in Georgia, there is no better month for bass fishermen than April, at least for anglers who

By John Trussell | April 1, 2006

Flipping and Skipping Soft Plastics for Blackshear Bass

April may be the best month of the year to pull in a limit of Lake Blackshear bass,

By Jay Chambless | March 22, 2006

Chasing West Point’s Transition Bass

“I want to reschedule,” Rob Boswell said. Being a fisherman myself, I felt his pain. It’s tough enough to

By Roy Kellett | March 22, 2006

Cranking, Jerking and Spinning Lanier Bass

Wouldn’t it be nice if the weather was always great when we planned to go fishing? Most times