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By Don Baldwin | February 5, 2006

Three-Bait Plan For Cold-Water Bass on Bartletts Ferry

It is the dead of winter. Water temperatures are below 50 degrees, and the weather fronts are coming

By Roy Kellett | January 2, 2006

Allatoona’s Shallow January Spotted Bass

The day on Lake Allatoona was perfectly suited for duck hunting. A storm had dumped two inches of

By Scott Robinson | January 1, 2006

Hartwell’s Heavy Metal Winter Bass

Nothing heats up a cold winter day like a bass on the end of the line. Two of

By Don Baldwin | January 1, 2004

West Point’s Winter Bass Jigging Spoon Magic

It seems to me that the jigging spoon must be some sort of a miracle. How else could

By Daryl Kirby | June 1, 2002

The Drop-Shot Rig

Just when you thought bass anglers had run out of anything new in their bag of fish-catching tricks,

By Daryl Kirby | June 1, 2002

Short-Pocket Docks: Danny White Talks June Bassing on Sinclair

Like an aging prom queen, as a reservoir matures it goes through changes… and some aren’t so pretty.

By Lindsay Thomas Jr. | November 1, 2000

Lake Weiss Cold Snap Bass

October 10, the coldest morning Georgia had seen this fall, and here I was going bass fishing. Terrific.

By Brad Bailey | June 1, 2000

To Catch Blue Ridge Smallmouths

To the smallmouth, the small red jig darting just off the bottom of a rocky Lake Blue Ridge

By Daryl Kirby | March 1, 1998

Think Thin Water Bass for West Point Early Spring Bass

Half of the old Christmas tree sat above the surface, exposed like we were to the cold air