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By Ronnie Garrison | March 1, 2007

Georgia’s Top Team of ’06

Georgia bass fishermen have a wonderful dilemma every March. There are so many good lakes for bass fishing

By John Trussell | March 1, 2007

Dodge County PFA Offers A Great Chance For Trophy Largemouth

Experienced anglers say that if you want to catch a big bass, head to a farm pond. But

By Brad Bailey | March 1, 2007

Rip-Rap Rocks & Deep Cypress Trees For Blackshear’s March Bass

Scott side-armed his fishing rod, firing a shad-colored Fat Free Shad crankbait back under the low, concrete Gum…

By Ronnie Garrison | February 1, 2007

‘Keep on the Sunny Side’

February is a feast-or-famine month for bass fishermen in middle Georgia. The fishing runs hot and cold just

By Brad Gill | February 1, 2007

Jackson Bass With Mike Cleveland

Mike Cleveland of Monticello has two dreams — one, he wants to be a full-timer on the FLW…

By Don Baldwin | February 1, 2007

Probe the Depths for Hartwell’s Winter Bass

Tournament bass anglers are a serious and dedicated bunch. You’ll find them lined up at first light at…

By Brad Gill | January 2, 2007

Sight Fishing on Sinclair…In January For Bass?

I like deep-diving crankbaits and hard-thumping Colorado blades on spinnerbaits. So… when I got wind that my latest…

By Brad Bailey | January 1, 2007

High Falls Lake In February: Jig ’n Pig For A Few Good Bass

On High Falls Lake — and just about everywhere else — a jig ’n pig is considered a

By Ronnie Garrison | January 1, 2007

Teaming Up on Shoreline Cover For Bartletts Ferry Winter Bass

Cold weather and cold water make many bass fishermen stay home this time of year. That is one

By Brad Gill | January 1, 2007

Catch Clarks Hill Largemouth Bass With Ditch Blades & Mop Jigs

Last May, B.A.S.S. anglers Davy Hite and Kevin VanDam were talking after the day-two weigh-in of Bassmaster’s Elite…