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Trout Fly of the Month July

Flying Ant

Hook: TMC 100 (Sizes 12-22)
Gaster (Back “Ball”): Black Superfine Dubbing
Wings: Dark Dun Hackle Tips
Thorax: Brown Dry Fly Hackle
Head: Black Superfine Dubbing

Fishing Tips

Although terrestrials (ants, beetles, grass hoppers, crickets, et cetera) are available year around, they are most prominent during the warm summer months.  Those same pesky, skin biting “bugs” that seem to pop up all over your yard are trout candy.  Fish terrestrial patterns close to the bank (especially undercuts) after rains, periods of windy weather, and when you can’t seem to pull a trout using other methods.

Although dry fly fishing is typically considered an “above-water” fishing experience, don’t fret if your dry Flying Ant becomes submerged.  Ants, beetles, crickets, and grasshoppers eventually fall to the current or become so tired that they drown.  The fish don’t mind, and will continue feeding.  Good luck!

For more information on tying and fishing terrestrial patterns, please consult the following websites:
Terrestrials by Dave Hughes and Rick Hafelehttp://www.westfly.com/feature/9908/feature_71.htm

Photo Courtesy Hill’s Discount Flies


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