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December Trout Fly of the Month

The Griffith’s Gnat, one of the simplest flies to tie, is also a very effective fly. This versatile fly can be fished in many ways: top-water, emerging and subsurface. If you’re looking for a great emerging fly, clip the bottom hackles. You can also skate it across the surface or dredge the bottom.

When tying the Griffith’s Gnat it is important to ensure that the hackle is the correct size. An option when tying this fly is to counter-wrap gold wire to reinforce the peacock herl.

Good luck with this easy-to-tie, easy-to-fish fly!


Hook: TMC 101, Size 16-22

Thread: 6/0, Olive

Underbody: Peacock Herl

Hackle: Grizzly (matched to hook size)


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