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Lake Weiss Fishing Report July 2017

Weiss: Level: Full pool. Temp: Mid 80s. Clarity: Moderately stained.

Bass: Capt. Mike Carter reports, “The summertime pattern on Lake Weiss is in full swing, and this lake can show you just how tough it can get this time of year. Covering lots of grassbeds early morning and late evening with Snag Proof Frogs and Choo Choo Lures Swimjigs has produced some good quality fish. Fishing small buzzbaits and spinnerbaits along seawalls during these times can also produce some good fishing. When looking for Weiss bass along seawalls, it’s better to start with the ones that will have exposure to the sun first, and then move to the shadier seawalls as the sun comes up. During the hotter part of the day, the most consistent pattern has been flipping soft plastics under and around docks. The river ledge bite using Choo Choo Rocker and Football jigs has produced some quality fish but can be a very slow process in getting these fish to cooperate. The night fishing for big spotted bass has gotten cranked up with the hotter weather, and it’s a lot more comfortable than having to deal with the hotter temps from daytime fishing. Fishing deep points with a lot of rocks and stumps with dark-colored Choo Choo spinnerbaits can produce some great spotted bass action.”


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