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Lake Tobesofkee Fishing Report March 2016

Tobesofkee: Level: Full. Temp: 54 degrees. Clarity: Stained.

Bass: Tournament angler Clayton Batts reports, “The shallow bite has really turned on with the stable warmer weather. Look for bass to start moving to the backs of the creeks and around spawning areas as the month of March moves on. Throw a Spro Little John around docks and secondary points leading back into main-lake pockets. Slow down and fish a green-pumpkin Big Bite Baits finesse worm around any of the docks that have brush present. As you move to the back of a pocket, throw a Spro ArukuShad. Fish this bait on the flats in the backs of the pockets with a steady or yo-yo retrieve. As March moves on, look for fish to start bedding and really cruising around sandy areas and stumps in these pockets. Be sure to make multiple casts to any stump or sandy spot that you can see with your Costas with a Big Bite Baits green-pumpkin YoMama.”


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