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Lake Sinclair Fishing Report September 2017

Sinclair: Level: 0.8 feet low. Temp: Mid 80s. Clarity: Clear.

Bass: Tournament angler Mark Denney Jr. reports, “September can be a tough month for bass fishing on Lake Sinclair as the fish start to transition into their fall patterns. You must capitalize on the early bite in order to catch a few fish that are still active after feeding throughout the night. Several topwater presentations, such as a frog, Pop-R or buzzbait, will produce a few bites around grass, wood and rocks first thing in the morning. A square-bill crankbait is also a good choice for covering water around docks and seawalls if the fish aren’t wanting to chase a bait on top. A Zoom Finesse worm on a Buckeye Spot Remover Pro Model Jig Head is a consistent producer after the sun gets up and positions the bass under and around shaded areas. If the fish are deeper, don’t hesitate to use your Humminbird electronics to find points and brushpiles that may be holding a few fish. A Carolina-rigged Zoom lizard or Buckeye Lures football jig are both great choices if you can find a few offshore locations.”


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