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Lake Sinclair Fishing Report December 2017

Sinclair: Level: 1.4 feet low. Temp: Low 60s. Clarity: Some stain.

Bass: Tournament angler Mark Denney Jr. reports, “Fishing is tough right now as December approaches on Lake Sinclair. With falling water temperatures, look to target wood and rock as the bass utilize this cover because of the heat it generates when the sun gets up. Slow-rolling a spinnerbait or crankbait is a good way to target these fish and still cover water. If the fish aren’t willing to commit, try dragging a worm or jig around these same areas to generate subtle strikes. It’s  real important to slow down as much as possible during the winter. The bass are very lethargic with the cooling water temperatures, so the more efficient you can be with your technique, the more bites you will typically get. I usually get less bites but tend to catch my better quality fish during the month of December. If you’re willing to slow down and mix it up, you can still have a very productive day.”


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