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Lake Seminole Fishing Report May 2006

Seminole: Level: 2.1 feet below full pool. Temp: 78-80 degrees. Clarity: Chattahoochee is slightly stained. The main lake is clear.

Bass: Butch Tucker said the spawn was about done at the end of April. Now is the time when Seminole’s bass will head back to their summer haunts, which means it’s time to throw topwater early, and switch over to a slower presentation later in the day. “The fish are going to be back on deep grass edges and points,” Butch said. For the first couple of hours of the day, a buzzbait fished around grasslines can be a hot producer, and is likely to draw a big bite. Butch said topwater prop baits are also highly effective. “Once the sun is on the water, that’s over,” Butch said. That’s when he’s going to drag a Carolina-rigged worm around grass points and edges in water up to 20-feet deep. Butch said flipping is a good tactic as well. “If you can find some matted hydrilla and flip a jig into it, you can catch some good bass,” Butch said.


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