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Lake Seminole Fishing Report July 2006

Seminole: Level: 1.2 feet low. Temp: 83 degrees. Clarity: The main lake and Flint River are clear. Light stain up the Chattahoochee.

Fair. Brian Key says, “With no moving water, it’s hard to get the numbers you’d like to see.” Early morning start out throwing Heddon’s Dying Flutter near the grass. Try a white-skirted buzzbait if you don’t see any action on the Flutter. The topwater is going to be slow and short-lived. After the short topwater session, move toward the big lake where the rivers come together. You’re going to want to be in 10 to 12 feet of water and near grassbeds. Drag a Carolina rig over the ledges. Lizards and Trick Worms are good. Green pumpkin is the best color in both right now. If you aren’t seeing any action with the Carolina-rig, flip a jig in the matted grass. Blue with green pumpkin is a good color. With little rain, they aren’t pulling any water from the lake. No current makes it harder to find fish. The fish seem to be in an August pattern already and aren’t likely to change soon due to the hot weather.


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