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Lake Nottely Fishing Report April 2016

Nottely: Level: 9.6 feet below full pool. Temp: 60-63 degrees. Clarity: Light stain from Point 7 to the dam.

Stripers: Guide Jeremy Seabolt reports, “The fish are getting in the river good. We caught 22 fish on March 24 using large herring and throwing Red Fins and flukes. Your best bet for getting larger herring is at Paradise Bait on Nottely. I’ve also been fishing down the lake around Point 12 and getting lots of fish between 5 and 20 pounds. We’re catching most all our fish on large herring and shad if we can get them. We’ve been pulling planer boards and freelines. Some days you may have put a split-shot on your freelines. Fishing is only going to get better. I love to fish April and May. That is the time you are going to have the chance to put a trophy in the boat. In April, I’ll be fishing and looking for fish in 5 to 30 feet water, and we’ll still be pulling boards a lot, but the fish will be on the move. Always have a topwater bait ready. The stripers can blow up on top at any time in the first part of the morning. I like working points in the evenings with a plug. You should be able to find fish on shallow points and in the creeks.”


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