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Lake Jackson Fishing Report September 2017

Jackson: Level: 0.5 feet above full. Temp: Mid to high 80s. Clarity: Clear to slightly stained.

Bass: Tournament angler Keith Dawkins reports, “Fishing on Jackson can be tough during September until the cooler fall weather begins toward the end of the month. Topwaters can be very effective at dawn and dusk. Concentrate on rocky points and visible cover near deep water on the main lake, as well as near the mouths of the South and Yellow rivers. Use Pop-Rs, Rapala X-Raps, as well as white buzzbaits. If it is overcast, watch for schooling spotted bass near the ends of the deep points and drops. Make long casts with your Pop-R or X-Rap, and hold on. Until the water begins to cool off, most of the fish should still be holding to summer patterns. Carolina-rigged 6-inch Zoom lizards in watermelon or Trick Worms work really well when trying to locate fish on points and drops. You can also throw Shad Raps and Alabama rigs in the same areas. Once the sun is up, flipping docks with jigs or worms will work about as well as anything. Always keep a fluke on to skip around docks and trees near deep water. If the bite is really tough, I have had some success with a finesse worm with a small split-shot fished very slowly on shallow points and next to docks.”


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