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Lake Jackson Fishing Report June 2016

Jackson: Level: 1.4 feet low. Temp: 78-83 degrees. Clarity: Slightly stained to clear.

Bass: Tournament angler Keith Dawkins reports, “June can be a great month on Jackson, but if you are a weekend angler, consider early or late as the boat traffic can be heavy. Start at first light with a Pop-R, white 1/2-oz. buzzbait or a Spook near seawalls and visible cover on flats near deep water. Once the sun gets up, use medium-diving crankbaits, like Bandit 300s or No. 7 Shad Raps in crawdad or silver with a black back. Fish on points or over humps near river channel drops. Carolina-rigged 6-inch Zoom lizards in green pumpkin or 6-inch u-tail worms will work, as well. Flipping docks with a blue-and-black jig or the same 6-inch lizard can also be effective, but concentrate on the ones near deep water with man-made structure. As the spots move out over deep structure, use your electronics to locate trees and deep-water humps. Once you locate them, fishing vertically with drop shots can be deadly. If you want to avoid a lot of the boat traffic or just the heat, fish after dark on lighted boat docks with Shad Raps and dark plastics.”


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