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Lake Jackson Fishing Report July 2016

Jackson: Level: 1.5 feet below full pool. Temp: Mid to high 80s. Clarity: Clear to slightly stained.

Bass: Tournament angler Keith Dawkins reports, “Summer is in full swing, along with the boat traffic on Jackson. Bass fishing can be productive, but you should stick to early and late with the rising temps and number of boats on the water. If you want to hit the main lake, concentrate on humps and drops near creek channels, as well as deep docks. Carolina-rigged worms or lizards and medium-diving crankbaits are good choices for the deeper structure. Use your sonar to locate the schools of spotted bass. Hitting them with drop shots or Alabama Rigs can be productive. The first or last hour of daylight, hit shallow flats and wood structure with Pop-Rs and buzzbaits. If you prefer to avoid the heat and boat traffic altogether, nighttime can be very good on Jackson in July. Large black worms, dark-colored jigs and dark-colored floating worms fished around lighted boat docks or main-lake structure can be great this time of year. If you fish at night, please be careful, as there is often floating debris just under the surface.”


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