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Lake Jackson Fishing Report August 2016

Jackson: Level: 1.5 feet above full pool. Temp: High 80s. Clarity: Big thunderstorms stained the rivers and areas up the lake.

Bass: Tournament angler Keith Dawkins reports, “The bass fishing on Jackson has been tough. Between the boat traffic and the high water temps, the shallow bite has been almost non existent after the first hour or so of daylight. If you can get out early, start on main-lake wood and docks with posts throwing a white 1/2-oz. buzzbait or a Rapala X-Rap in shad patterns. Once the sun gets up, either flip deep docks with Zoom Trick Worms on a shaky head or Texas-rigged 6-inch watermelon lizards. Another effective pattern can be locating schools of spots with your electronics off ledges or deep points. Once you find them Bandit 300s crankbaits, Carolina rigs or drop shots can catch them. Stick with lighter colors like watermelon or green pumpkin on your plastics and shad patterns on your crankbaits. If you are fishing with the drop shot, I have had some success with Zoom Z Drops and Dead Ringers lately. Stay on top of the school with your electronics, and fish very slowly and methodically as they have been very lethargic lately. Another option is to head up the rivers and fish the buzzbait, 6-inch U-tail worm or a 1/4-oz. single willowleaf spinnerbait near brush and current breaks.”


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