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Lake Jackson Fishing Report August 2006

Level: Down 1.2 feet. Temp: 82 degrees. Clarity: Extremely clear.

Bass: Poor. Benjie Cleary said it’s been very, very tough. “It’s been taking about eight pounds to win Berry’s,” said Benjie Cleary. “I think most of the guys are catching them on a little finesse worm fishing around rocks and brush. The fish I’ve caught on the lake are on a green-pumpkin Shaky Head worm. The best bite right now is at 3 o’clock in the morning. A couple of guys had 19 pounds in an all-night tournament, but they caught them at 3 o’clock.” Benjie said if you want to fish all night, crank lights with a No. 5 Shad Rap colored in chrome/black. At daylight there’s been very little topwater action. “Any time it gets almost 90 degrees, fish just get deep and don’t eat as much,” said Benjie. “It’s even gotten pretty tough at Oconee.” If you’re going to fish Jackson in August, you can still run main-lake humps and points with Ol Monster worms and jigs. The best bite is after dark. To catch spots, downsize to a finesse worm fished on a Spot Sticker and fish rocks near the dam. After dark you may catch a magnum spot slow-rolling a dark-colored spinnerbait over brushed-up and rocky ledges, points and humps. “We’ve got about another month of dog-days, and then it’ll get better,” said Benjie.


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