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Lake Eufaula Fishing Report March 2006

Eufaula: Level: 1.7 feet above full. Temp: Low to mid 50s. Clarity: Stained in the upper end and some of the creeks.

Bass: “It looks as if we are going to get that magical weather we are looking for this week!” said professional angler Jay Chambless. The first week of March brought temperatures in the 70s. By the end of that week, the fishing should be red hot. Jay says to look for the corps to lower the lake some in an attempt to keep it close to 188.0, and in early March, water temperatures should hit 60 degrees, even more in some protected areas. During the first part of the week look for fish to be on secondary points leading into creeks and spawning cuts. Carolina-rigged Zoom lizards and deep Stanford Cedar Shads will be the ticket while the fish are holding in that eight- to 10-foot zone. As the weather warms up, look for the big females to be up shallow on the prowl. Crankbaits will be a major factor, as will spinnerbaits and soft plastics. Jay will have both a diving crankbait as well as a lipless crankbait tied on. For the diving crank Jay loves the Stanford Razor Shad. For the lipless bait he prefers the new Spro Aruku Shad. He will fish these baits around shallow wood cover and flats. Now is a time that Jay really likes reaction-type soft plastics. He fishes them around vegetation. Jay throws a Zoom Horny Toad and Ultra Vibe Speed Worm. These baits will remain a staple for him until after the spawn. A spinnerbait will round out his arsenal. “On the north end of the lake look in Cowikee and Wylaunnee creeks,” Jay said. “On the south end look in Pataula, Sandy and Hardridge. Remember to cover water with reaction baits. The fish that are up now are ready to eat!”


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