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Lake Blue Ridge Fishing Report October 2017

Blue Ridge: Level: 2.2 feet below full pool. Temp: 76-78 degrees. Clarity: Clear.

Bass: Guide Eric Welch reports, “The lake is starting to drop, and the temp is, too. The first couple of hours in the morning you can target breaking fish around Morganton Point and around the flats and points on the main body. I’m fishing a Strike King Sexy Dawg, a Whopper Plopper, a KVD Splash and a Zoom Fluke. You will mark fish in these areas on your electronics. They are there waiting for the schools of baitfish to come through. If you pull up in these areas and don’t mark fish, go to the next area until you find them. Once the topwater bite is over, I’m targeting deep, rocky points and bluff banks with a drop shot using a Roboworm and also a 3.5-inch tube. I like using the tube because the spots like it, and it’s also a good smallmouth bait. There has been some fishing moving in and around docks on the main body, and a shaky head and a 3/8-oz. jig is working in these areas. If it’s a windy day, try a spinnerbait and a small crankbait, like a Strike King 4X series.”


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