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Lake Blue Ridge Fishing Report November 2017

Blue Ridge: Level: 5 feet below full pool. Temp: 69-71 degrees. Clarity: Clear.

Bass: Guide Eric Welch reports, “The lake has been dropping around a foot a week, and with the cool mornings we’ve been having, the water temp is also dropping. The fish are still scattered around. I’ve been starting on the main lake at daylight throwing a Sexy Dawg, Whopper Plopper and a Pop-R off long, rocky points and flats. Also in these areas, if I’m marking a lot of suspending fishing, I’m dropping a drop shot on them. Once it gets sunny, I’m going to hit the river and fish deep, rocky banks with a drop shot, tube and a shaky head. Later in the day, you can go back down on the main body and catch some fish around docks. I can’t wait until the water hits the 50s, and then we can start back throwing an A-rig and a Float-n-Fly.”


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