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Lake Blackshear Fishing Report September 2017

Blackshear: Level: Full pool. Temp: 82-84 degrees. Clarity: Good.

Crappie: Rusty Parker reports, “A couple of weeks ago a friend called me and asked me to go fishing with him, and he didn’t have to try hard because I jumped right on it. After a couple of hours of trying for those Blackshear slabs, I think I should have stayed home. We were able to catch seven decent crappie by pitching some of those good ol’ Sugar Bugs that my friend Ricky Willis makes. We caught four good ones around the Highway 280 bridge and three more from a shallow-water dock. Last week, another friend told me he ended up with 12 crappie by casting around the Highway 280 bridge and the railroad trestle. He decided to load up early because of the heat. As he was loading up at the ramp, another gentleman was loading up, too. This man showed him a huge mess of big bluegill bream. This man gave my friend half of the bream and told him he caught them in one area using crickets. If it was off a bed, that’s hard to believe because the bream should be finished bedding by this time of the year. My friend did tell me that there was a huge mayfly hatch out, and that is how I think that man caught those bream. As the days cool down, the crappie should pick up big time. I predict that we will have a great fall this year. May your catch be large and plentiful, and God bless you all. Remember Jesus loves you.”


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