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Clarks Hill Lake Fishing Report March 2018

Clarks Hill: Level: 4.2 feet low. Temp: 60 degrees. Clarity: Slightly stained.

Linesides: Capt. Eddie Mason reports, “Due to changes in the weather and the lake level going up, it seems like live-bait fishing for hybrids and stripers has changed three times in the last month. We were catching fish 30 to 40 deep in creeks and ditches. Then it changed to 40 to 50 feet deep on humps and long-running points near river channels. The last three or four days it seems like fish have been in the river channels. The water is maybe 100 to 120 feet deep, and we catch the fish 20 to 40 feet deep near the trees on downrods. Chunking and drumming a lot seems to draw the fish near you. Drumming is tapping on the floor of the boat with the boat paddle. The bite seems better every day. We’re fishing the lower end of the lake. In March, the fish should start schooling in much shallower water in the morning. They can be caught on topwater lures and by pulling planer boards with live blueback herring. At the end of March, night fishing should be good around the dam fishing with downrods using live blueback herring. For a downrod, we use a good reel with a 7-6 medium-light action rod with 20-lb. main line and 15- or 16-lb. leader line.”


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