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Clarks Hill Lake Fishing Report August 2016

Clarks Hill: Level: 4.2 feet below full pool. Temp: 88-90 degrees. Clarity: Clear.

Linesides: Guide William Sasser reports, “The lake level is slowly dropping to around 326, but it is still very good for this time of year and the lack of rain. This summer is turning out to be a fantastic year with great quality fish and above average bait life. The fish has migrated toward the lower end of the lake from Parksville on down to the dam and up Georgia Little River as far as Cherokee. There is both a wonderful morning bite around daybreak and an afternoon bite shortly before sunset. Plus, as a bonus this year, where as in the past during the summer the bite normally shuts off after daybreak, this year it does not slow down. There is still a consistent later morning bite. The fish are moving deeper with the majority coming in the 45 to 50 feet deep range. The surface activity is slightly picking up, but these are still your smaller 1- to 2-lb. hybrids. The artificial bite for those who like spoons has also been extremely productive. There is also a great catfish bite off the sides of humps 35 to 40 feet deep using both live and cut herring. The white perch are feeding their backs out in 25 to 30 feet of water off of humps and channel points and can be caught with spoons or medium minnows. As the water heats up more, expect the fish to dive a little deeper and can be found holding on the sides of the main river channels.”


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