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Carters Lake Fishing Report November 2017

Carters: Level: Full. Temp: 70. Clarity: Clear.

Linesides: Guide Eric Crowley reports, “November is time to bundle up and hit the water. This mountain lake swings into winter with force. The fish that have been pinned to the bottom in deep water start to transition back to a more reasonable depth and will start actively seeking bait again in shallower water. This goes for stripers, walleye and spotted bass. Look for schools of bait, and the predators won’t be far off them. Because they are following the bait, they can be anywhere: the backs of the creeks, main-lake points, shallow-water markers and humps and out over deep water. This will stay true until the temps dip below 50 degrees. My favorite way to fish in November is to pull planer boards with big baits early in the morning about halfway back in the creeks. Working the shoreline with one and having another one about 30 feet off the back of the boat has always been my go-to setup. On the opposite side of the boat, I run a flatline about 75 to 100 feet back, and I always keep a downline out 30 feet deep on Carters regardless what time of year it is. Hot spots this month are typically Worley Creek from the pump back to the main lake, the Doll Mountain boat ramp area and the channel adjacent to Striper Island. If it’s windy and you’re looking for what we call quality of life fishing, you can pull live baits from Ridgeway up the river working the banks on both sides. This is a good way to locate fish and stay a little more comfortable. As far as baits go, live herring and shad are always a go-to but will become harder to catch by mid month. After that, swing by Bart’s Bait n Tackle and grab some trout. If you tell him Lake and Stream sent you, you will get a discount on your trout. I like the bigger trout, as they seem to get more attention and will pull better on a board, but some days the fish prefer the smaller ones. Keep a mix in the tank, and be ready for either. As far as gear, nothing changes except my leader material. In November, I switch from fluorocarbon back to mono., and 17- 20-lb. works great. The mono won’t get brittle in the cold. Good luck, stay warm, and be safe.”


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