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I might as well let this one go too and just keep my Glock 26 for personal protection on my motorcycle. Once again, my loss - your gain. (explained toward the end)

Standard Glock sights. The exact model of the SureStream light is X300U-B X300 Ultra

That makes a difference as I learned when I bought an omnivore duty holster and another SureStream 300 light (which I still have it unused in the box and is available as well) .. The omnivore holster does not grip your pistol rather it grips the light attached to the pistol so you have to get the proper one or before you know it you are into a couple of very expensive lights and a holster which doesn't work with any of them.

I digress.

Here it is - Bottom line - A trip to Danielsville and $450.00 and you get the pistol, magazines, light that is attached, and an actually very good iWB/OWB Kydex holster to go with it.

I do have the case that comes with the pistol, however, I do not have but one of the backstraps. My buddy I bought it from never got them over to me.

Also, you might be able to see the electrical tape on top of the SureStream light. That is not some kind of jerry-rigging. It is done on purpose so that after a long day at the range the end of the light housing is clean as can be after peeling off the tape and then replacing. Nice little trick.

* Why low priced? As described in the ammo listing I am selling out on just about all my guns and ammo and am hitting the road on my HD and never looking back.

Madison County Sheriff's Department tells me that even though I own my land outright that I don't have the right to say someone is trespassing (even if they threaten me) if my wife doesn't mind them being there.

So much for a man's castle. I was actually told this to continue being true even in the following hypothetical scenario: "OK. Let me get this right; it is your professional opinion and interpretation of the law that you are telling me right now that even if my wife chose to bring home a 'lover' that I could not have them arrested for trespassing".

The answer was yes, that is right.

America has gone to the progressive dark ages and I am no longer going to be part of it. My loss your gain.

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