Tuesday, November 25, 2014
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Eufaula February 2014 Fishing Report
By GON Staff
Eufaula: Level: 2.2 feet above full pool. Temp: Upper 40s. Clarity: Very muddy.

Slow. Guide Sam Williams reports, “Heavy rains and wind have left the river extremely muddy... any worse and you could see deer tracks on the water. We fished this week and only saw one commercial cat fisherman on the water all day. Even the hard-core crappie fishermen stayed in. We did catch bass despite the muddy water. The fish hit a buzzbait across the top near old cover. Spinnerbaits fished on top work, also. A jig with a rattle will make enough noise to attract a strike. The fish we caught were full of shad, so it takes some work to aggravate a hit. Work the bait in the same spot several times before moving on.”
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