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Gip Gayle’s Amazing Story Told In New Book
By Brad Gill
Posted Monday February 11 2013, 2:56 PM
Beth Gayle tells the story of her son’s journey after being shot in the head on a dove field.
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This September will mark the 10-year anniversary when GON broke the tragic news that Gip Gayle, then 19, of Lawrenceville, was shot in the head while on a Toombs County dove field.

Before the shooting, Gip and his family had the world on a string. Gip was a star student-athlete, active in school, sports, church and youth groups. Gip had just started college and already had new friends. His dad’s business was booming, his mom had just started a dream job, and his younger brother Taylor was about to follow in Gip’s footsteps in high school.

Then came the news no parent wants to hear over the phone: Your son has been shot in the head, at close range, with a 12-gauge shotgun!

Gip wasn’t expected to survive the night. The complexity of his injuries was beyond the realm of normal medicine and surgery. His story of survival is one of brilliant surgeons racing against the clock, of powerful forces coming together from the most surprising sources, of a family threatened by despair and overwhelming odds.

And Then Came the Angels. Gip’s mom, Beth, wrote the story of her family’s journey. If you’ve ever had doubt or felt your strength slipping in the face of fear, this dramatic real-life account will energize you and renew your courage. Through faith and determination, Gip went on to make a full recovery.

You can visit them on Facebook at www.facebook.com/AndThenCametheAngelsbyBethGayle.
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