Friday, December 19, 2014
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Thomas County GIANT Hog
By Brad Gill
Posted Wednesday January 30 2013, 2:07 PM
While going to check his trail camera, J.T. Jones walked up on this giant hog.
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J.T. Jones, of Thomasville, had a few hours to kill on the afternoon of Jan. 7, so he eased into the woods of his Thomas County hunting club to check a trail camera. Not too far into the woods, he noticed fresh hog sign and chambered a bullet into his .30/06.

“As soon as I rounded the next curve, I saw about 12 large hogs all weighing well more than 250 pounds. My heart started pounding,” said J.T. “They didn’t know I was there, so I got to where I could make a good shot and fired, dropping one right where it stood. As they were all running away, I fired a second shot and hit this monster in the back of the neck, but he kept running.”

Reloading, an anxious J.T. followed in the direction where the hogs ran and caught up to them.

“I shot the big hog two more times before he went down,” said J.T. “I honestly could not believe how humongous this thing was. It was by far the biggest hog I had ever seen in person, and I couldn’t believe that I had shot it.”

J.T. estimated the hog between 500-600 pounds.
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